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Weekly Spokes – January 14, 2020

Club Announcements:Fundraising Committee meeting-2/21 immediately followingRotary We received a thank you note from Beverly Animal Shelter forthe donation made in memory of long time SF Rotarian MikeJackson. Romulus Dictionary deliveries scheduled for 2/12 Read More

Spokes: July 3, 2018 Volume 178, Issue 168

May 15—Seneca County Addictions Program, Eric Parks and Robert Hicks from SC Community Counseling and Addictions Program

May 22—Seneca Falls Police Department presented by our own Fred Capozzi (retired Police Chief)

May 29-Club Assembly-we saw an excellent video from last year’s Relay for Life, received an update on Budget for 2018-19, Music Fest (September 9th at del Lago), and then a great time learning about each other at our table

June 5-Junior Rotarian Day—great time with our Juniors Rachel Sullivan – SUNY Cortland – Speech & Hearing, tennis Keegan Baker – Keuka – nursing Hannah Lang – SUNY Albany Business Admin Jessica Doughterty – Penn State – Business and Statistics Mary Protta – teaching English as Second Language Carson Butler – Dickenson – French Ben McDonald – SUNY Binghamton-Environment & Pre-law

June 12-Julie Bellone officially became a member!

June 19-Changeover Dinner with Paul Harris awards, thanks and goodbye to Eric Johnson 🙁

June 26-Club Assembly led by our new President Dave Markel

July 3—Wonderful Tour of Seneca Falls Historical Society—Part 1, First Floor by our own Kathy Jans Duffy

Spokes: February 14, 2017 Volume 147, Issue 137

Eric discovered a video on the history of Rotary with pictures from the beginnings—1905. We learned quite a few new interesting things:

Do you know what the very first Rotary project was? for a public toilet.

Paul Harris had an idea for business folks to get together and it spread throughout the world.

First video shot was in the ’20s of the original club with Paul Harris. Charles Sale from New Rochelle, NY visited the Chicago Club and had it videotaped.

This was when the Round Table was started where everyone talks and no one listens.

Social events were scheduled during the week not just meeting day – picnics, dinners, vaudeville to promote fellowship

Harris was an attorney but when graduated went on the road and filled a variety of positions. He lived in the Beverly Hills area of Chicago. Gathering of original group for the video in the 1920’s was in their home garden.

First Rotary Convention 1910.

Spokes: May 17, 2016 Volume 131, Issue 121

The Montezuma Audubon Center is the Conservation Hub for Habitat Restoration. In 1905 Rotary started same year as Audubon. Their mission is to conserve and restore national ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, but we are all interconnected. Audubon covers across US with 50 centers and 1 million visitors each year. In 1905 when founded in NYS, their goal was to conserve little parks like Vince’s Park but as time went on realized that was too small. Now have sites throughout birds’ lifecycle – North and South America including Caribbean. They follow five pillars – putting land to work, sharing seas & shores, saving important bird areas, shaping healthy climate & clean energy, creating bird friendly communities.