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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Spokes – July 7, 2020

  Club Announcements

Next in-person meeting: tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, August 4th at the Seneca Falls Country Club. Updates will be made as the date draws nearer: stay tuned!

Weekly Spokes – June 30, 2020

Linda will start keeping track of happy dollars so she can give us a bill once we are all together.

Lunch update-survey was sent out, only 14 responses were returned. Lunch will be a light buffet with beverage & dessert for $14, we will need to move our belongs, such as banners, bell etc to the Country Club. Board will review and discuss next week.

We are aiming for our first in person meeting on July 14th, we will send an email to club members and will request a response for attendance.

Weekly Spokes – June 23, 2020

Club Announcements:

Linda-Who wants to help deliver auction items next week now that Liz is gone? Kathy & Cindy volunteered! Liz said there is always ice cream involved-this is a prerequisite to participating.

Weekly Spokes – June 16, 2020

Club Announcements:

Farm Days cost has increased from 15% of gross to 20% of gross. New owner is also stating we should be paying even more ($2100) Dave is suggesting we take a pass this year. Ice cream is non returnable, and it is difficult to know what to order. All present agreed, we will not participate in Farm Days this year.

Weekly Spokes – June 09, 2020

Club Announcements:
Seneca Falls Backpack Delivery in August, dates coming up so

be on the lookout for that…