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Weekly Newsletter

Spokes: March 7, 2017 Volume 148, Issue 138

Safe Harbors provides free, immediate, confidential support for victims of all forms of sexual assault/abuse, domestic violence, and child and elder abuse in Ontario, Seneca and Yates Counties.

In October 2016 they opened space at Academy Square in Seneca Falls.

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Spokes: February 14, 2017 Volume 147, Issue 137

Eric discovered a video on the history of Rotary with pictures from the beginnings—1905. We learned quite a few new interesting things:

  • Do you know what the very first Rotary project was? for a public toilet.
  • Paul Harris had an idea for business folks to get together and it spread throughout the world.
  • First video shot was in the ’20s of the original club with Paul Harris. Charles Sale from New Rochelle, NY visited the Chicago Club and had it videotaped.
  • This was when the Round Table was started where everyone talks and no one listens.
  • Social events were scheduled during the week not just meeting day – picnics, dinners, vaudeville to promote fellowship
  • Harris was an attorney but when graduated went on the road and filled a variety of positions. He lived in the Beverly Hills area of Chicago. Gathering of the original group for the video in the 1920s was in their home garden.
  • First Rotary Convention 1910.

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Spokes: February 7, 2017 Volume 146, Issue 136

This year the District Conference will be May 19-21 at the Ambassador Center in Erie, PA (which is owned by a Rotarian). Indoor pools and waterpark are nearby.

Friday’s events include the Parade of Flags and Charity casino fundraiser for Rotary International Foundation.

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Spokes: June 7, 2016 Volume 133, Issue 123

Our Junior Rotarians took charge of today’s meeting—what an impressive group!

  • Stu Ganzon
  • Catherine Porter-Syracuse U
  • Samantha Espistodo – Clarkson
  • Olivia Baxter-Farleigh Dickenson
  • Lauren Major – SUNY Upstate
  • Liz Bovee – oratorical contest finalist
  • Ben Cafolla Madison Hillimire – U Hartford
  • Nick Shaffer-SUNY Delhi
  • Eric D’Eredita – Nazareth

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Spokes: May 24 & 31, 2016 Volume 132, Issue 122

Cynthia Huling Hummel, a volunteer with Alzheimer’s Association spoke to us about Your Guide to Help in Rochester, NY and the Finger Lakes Region.

Previously she was a minister in Lyons and Waverly while living with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s for several years. One of her greatest fears is speaking to others, yet here she was sharing with us.

When she was Peace Corps worker, the Rotarians built the school she worked in. So she has always had a fondness for Rotary.

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