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Spokes: February 14, 2017 Volume 147, Issue 137

Last updated on September 30, 2019

Eric discovered a video on the history of Rotary with pictures from the beginnings—1905. We learned quite a few new interesting things:

  • Do you know what the very first Rotary project was? for a public toilet.
  • Paul Harris had an idea for business folks to get together and it spread throughout the world.
  • First video shot was in the ’20s of the original club with Paul Harris. Charles Sale from New Rochelle, NY visited the Chicago Club and had it videotaped.
  • This was when the Round Table was started where everyone talks and no one listens.
  • Social events were scheduled during the week not just meeting day – picnics, dinners, vaudeville to promote fellowship
  • Harris was an attorney but when graduated went on the road and filled a variety of positions. He lived in the Beverly Hills area of Chicago. Gathering of the original group for the video in the 1920s was in their home garden.
  • First Rotary Convention 1910.

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