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Weekly Spokes – February 16, 2021

Club Announcements:

Yard Sale-March 21st at Seneca Falls Rec Center

Trips & Happy Dollars

Dave M-Heading to Florida at the end of March for 9 days.

Wendy-thank you for the wonderful lunch yesterday with some of the ladies from the club

Cindy-sad $, her husband has not been feeling well after 2nd Covid shot, sorry to have missed lunch. Happy $, heading to Florida next week.

Peter-Happy to be here, snowblowed the neighborhood this morning

Linda & Bob-traveling from West Coast to East Coast of Florida, with a stop in Marco Island

Wendy-Covid vaccine-Fair Grounds & Binghampton

Susie-able to get their shots on Thursday

Liz-has received 2nd vaccine with no side effects!

Fred-Dr. told his son to drink gatorade after taking the vaccine, also take a tylenol, supposed to help!

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