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Weekly Spokes – February 23, 2021

Club Announcements:

Yard Sale-March 21st at Seneca Falls Rec Center

Trips & Happy Dollars

Susie N-Sad $-broke her wrist ice skaing

Kathy-Couple happy/Sad $’s we have received some donations for the yard sale. Someone who came to drop stuff off got stuck in the driveway, she won’t name names…(Linda said one was her and David)

Ted-2 club members voluteered at the last vaccination clinic. He is happy to announce he received his 2nd vacination. And is happy to spend time with his 2 granddaughters this weekend.

Audie-has his vaccine appointment coming up.

Pete-Happy & Sad, his 2nd vaccination was postponed due to weather, but he has it this week! Ruth had her 2nd and only had 1 day of symptoms.

JT-happy his email billing test worked. He recently found pictures from the 1999 Radio Days and Donna Cathy’s baby shower.

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